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Web based applications

Browser - Desktop - Server

Node.js based backend and API development            

    - Some advantages of Node.js: performance, stability and scalability

● Developing web applications with modern frameworks (Vue.js, Polymer)

    - Designing and implementing unique, customized and complex applications, which are     impossible with classic CMS systems like Wordpress

    - Responsive design, these applications work well both on desktop and mobile browsers

● Realtime communication based application development (

    - Applications that display various data and diagrams in real time

    - Document Collaboration

    - Instant messaging

● Developing platform independent desktop applications (Windows, Mac, Linux) 

Technologies we use

• Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Couchbase, InfluxDB, RethinkDB

• Push notifications: FCM, APNS, OneSignal

• Realtime communication with

• Node.js + frameworks: Express.js, Feathers.js

• Firebase: hosting, cloud functions, authentication, database

• JWT (Json Web Tokens)

• Frontend: Polymer, Vue.js

• Cross-platform desktop apps with Electron


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