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"You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology"
- Steve Jobs -


Who are we?

We are a team of highly motivated and committed professional software engineers, we transform any dreams into ideas and these ideas into reality.

What do we do?


Native Mobile application development

IOS, Android, WatchOS(Apple Watch)

Nowadays mobile devices has became part of our life and it's safe to say that mobile applications are one of the most important communication tools for companies.
We are able to transform any mobile application ideas into native, high performance and good looking mobile apps.
Why native?
1. Native Apps Have The Best Performance
2. Native Apps Are More Secure
3. Native Apps Are More Interactive And Intuitive
4. Native Apps Allow Developers to Access the Full Feature Set of Devices
5. Native App Development Tends to Have Fewer Bugs During Development
6. Although the initial cost may be higher with native mobile app development, you’ll end up saving a lot of time and money in the long run, doing it well the first time. By offering a great user experience, better performance, and leveraging the device features, you’re  able to offer your users a more personalized experience which will be rewarding in the long-term. The combination of the native mobile app advantages will result in higher conversion rates and will ultimately boost customer loyalty.


Web based application development

Browser, Desktop, Server

● Node.js based backend and API development            
   - Some advantages of Node.js: performance, stability and scalability
● Developing web applications with modern frameworks (Vue.js, Polymer)
   - Designing and implementing unique, customized and complex applications, which     are impossible with classic CMS systems like Wordpress
   - Responsive design, these applications work well both on desktop and mobile     browsers
● Realtime communication based application development (
   - Applications that display various data and diagrams in real time
   - Document Collaboration
   - Instant messaging
● Developing platform independent desktop applications (Windows, Mac, Linux) 

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